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Beacon Exit Planning provides the services and tools needed to effectively navigate the succession and exiting planning process. Our company provides several customized programs that prepare your business for sale/transfer, maximize your business value, chart a course to meet your personal and financial goals, and protect your wealth. Beacon guides you through every step to arrive safely at your destination.

As your professional exit planner, Beacon can simplify this complex process providing you with the accurate information necessary to make competent decisions. Our customized exit plan gives business-centered advice that puts you in control of your destiny.

Exit Planning

As an owner you spend the majority of your career creating value in your “illiquid” business, which could all be lost without a well-developed plan to monetize and protect this hard earned wealth.

Beacon’s CEO, Kevin Kennedy says, “Exiting my private business was the largest financial event of my life I know this is probably true for you too. I founded Beacon to help others gain the knowledge and know how to get through the process more effectively, efficiently, and with less stress. We can help you exit successfully and protect your wealth.”

Kevin brings his expertise in successful exiting to Beacon with a customized, proven process. This process realizes your wealth is at risk, recognizing the need for objective holistic advice and provides you with a written plan to understand your various options.

Our paths put you in control by determining:

  • The owner’s objective
  • When to leave
  • How much money is needed
  • Who to transfer/sell business to
  • How to increase business value
  • Exiting Options
  • How to minimize/eliminate taxes
  • How to protect family wealth

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Succession Planning

Continuous Succession® planning focuses on developing the “human” capital in your company and management team. A succession plan is written with open communication, trust, and a total commitment to the future success of the company. The plan is a continuous process of moving the next generation of chosen performers from management into leadership.

The ‘Leadership Succession’ plan requires time, training and ‘stretching’ your associates talents. The plan must prepare the business to operate profitably and successfully without the presence of the current owners.

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