Cashing Out & Moving On


A Two Day Program Designed by a Retired Exited Owner for Owners.

I have never, ever been in a 1 1/2 day class that I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Very good and very intense, real life stuff!
–OR Contractor at the two day – Chicago 2011

How Do I Replace My Income & Retire?

How Do I Prepare My Team & Find the Next CEO?

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This two day seminar is custom designed for owners, partners, CEO’s, future owners/managers, spouses and family members of large and small companies, first and multi generation companies, and sole and multi-owner companies.

THE CHALLENGE: Owners/contractors intuitively understand the daily risks they face with safety, economic cycles, recession, insurance, cash flow, weather, bonding, government regulations, contracts and labor agreements.

But, most do not understand the risk and challenge of exiting a business. The odds of success are heavily stacked against you. How many contractors, large and small, young and old, have you personally witnessed fail only to leave their wife, family and associates without a future or income.

What makes Kevin’s program unique is that he learned the subject matter – succession planning – through real-world, hands-on experience. He speaks not only to the legal and tax issues surrounding the transfer of ownership, but also the human consequences. Audiences relate incredibly well to Kevin and his story. Bill Good, NRCA

WEALTH: Most business owners have 70 percent of their “illiquid wealth” trapped in their businesses. Owners have a basic understanding of what is required for succession and the business sales process but have no systematic tools to prepare for this complicated legal, financial and time-consuming process. Attend this Beacon Exit Planning seminar to be positioned for the next window of opportunity to exit or transfer your business!

Presenters of this valuable seminar include Kevin J. Kennedy, founder of Beacon Exit Planning, LLC, Joseph Bazzano, CPA, CVA of Private Equity Transitions and Daniel J. Munro, JD, CLU of AXA Advisors. Each seminar will also add additional advisers from the region to address the unique state issues. CLICK for a complete biography of the instructors

Begin A Plan to Protect:

  • Your Legacy and Company Survival
  • The Illiquid Wealth “Trapped” Inside Your Business
  • The Future of Your Valued Associates and Family

Consider the odds against the exiting owner:

  • Seventy percent of small businesses fail to transfer into the 2nd generation
  • Ninety percent will fail into the 3rd generation.

If you are serious about protecting your wealth then you need to attend this seminar. You will then understand the process you need to prepare yourself and the company for the next 3-5 or 15 years and position yourself for a sale or transfer.

How are you going to unlock over 70% of your wealth stuck inside your business? In order to retire owners will need to monetize this trapped wealth, replace their income and replace themselves and move on to the next chapter of life.

Owners need to prepare for the next window of opportunity to exit their business. Many companies need to build up their value, restructure their company, move their management team to a higher level and determine the next CEO.

Owners have a basic understanding of what is required for succession and the business sales process but have no “systematic” tools or a path to prepare for this complicated legal, financial, and time consuming process.

Kevin Kennedy exited the 62 year-old 200 employee specialty contracting business in 2008 with two other owners and speaks with an authentic voice that will leave owners with:

  • Understanding of their challenge
  • Options and exit paths that fit your company
  • Different values, benefits and compromises of each exit option
  • Information to explore the tax issues and net amount for your exit
  • A path to begin planning and organizing their business and management team
  • A timeline to begin replacing their income and moving into their next stage of life

The bottom line is my exit plan has put everything into perspective, given me powerful options that combines several strategies that will save the company and myself over a million dollars in taxes and position me control during the process to insure a successful transfer. (Exit Plan for a NY Contractor)

What is an Exit & Succession Plan?

An Exit Plan focuses on monetizing the business and moving onto the next stage in life. The plan establishes and controls the process of when, who, and how to monetize the illiquid wealth trapped in your business and protect your wealth. Writing and creating the plan can take between three and nine months and will determine all your options for exiting your business.

A well-devised exit plan shows business owners how to begin positioning themselves and their businesses so that the owners can accomplish all of their personal, financial and business goals. It is a complex process that protects the business and leverages the value of the company with a comprehensive and executable plan.

A Succession Plan is about grooming the management to move into leadership and finding a new CEO. In a broader sense, it is about creating a culture of continuous succession that focuses on the human capital to delivering a top-quality product to your customer, and protecting the future of the company with an orderly transition.

This can take between two to seven years depending on the professional level of your management team. A well-devised succession plan shows business owners how to replace themselves by a succession process that moves the key players into professional management and then into leadership with a comprehensive plan to deal with:

  • Establishing a clear direction
  • Professionalizing the company
  • Development and improvement of management systems
  • Development and training of the human capital
  • Development of teamwork and leadership
  • Selection of new owners and/or a CEO

Your biggest risk is doing nothing.

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