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Kevin Kennedy, CEO

Kevin Kennedy is the founder and CEO of Beacon Exit Planning, LLC. He specializes in exit planning and succession planning for private business owners. Kevin sold his 63-year-old business with two other owners to the company’s 4th generation team. Kevin founded Beacon based on his own firsthand experience with succession and exit planning for an ENR ‘top 20’ specialty contracting business.

As the lead consultant, Kevin Kennedy can help your business develop customized exit strategies to achieve your exit objectives. Kevin’s firsthand experience provides business owners with the tools for the exit plan and succession plan to safeguard their business wealth, groom successors, and orchestrate the successful sale/transfer of the business.

Joseph Bazzano, COO

Joe Bazzano, COO

Joe is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Valuation Analyst and a Certified Business Exit Consultant who brings over 25 years of experience in public accounting, valuation and exit strategy services to closely-held companies of all sizes. His consulting services have shown business owners how to increase the value of their businesses by millions of dollars with exponential savings on taxes. His areas of expertise include financial reporting, consulting, business valuations, mergers & acquisitions, exit strategies, tax planning and compliance for individuals and business entities in various industries including construction, manufacturing, wholesale and personal service businesses. Joe is a frequent speaker at local, regional and national presentations. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts, Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants, and National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts. Joe was the first recipient of the Pinnacle Equity Solutions “Excellence in Exit Planning” award winner in 2009.

Why use a Professional? Why Beacon?
A note from Kevin:

My authentic experience of being an owner, a buyer and seller of a business gives me a unique insight of the exit planning process. I have the scars, bruises and humble stories to help you understand the challenge and my road down the exit planning trail.
My prior team and I began buying my late company in 1986 and completed our purchase in 1995. A few years later my associates and I began our exit planning without a professional to objectively review our options. In hindsight, an experienced exit plan adviser would have made what was an extended process an efficient and effective one. During the next few years I gained experience and expertise going through the following processes and considerations:

  • Considering offers from two “Roll Ups” consolidators moving toward IPO’s
  • Working with a “valuator” that brokered the company to buyers and Private Equity Groups
  • Considering an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)
  • Choosing an internal Structured Management Buyout as our path


I know that a professional exit planner could have saved my last company over a quarter of a million dollars. Each adviser provided fragmented information that was rooted in his field of expertise. Further, we lacked a complete holistic picture that could have been provided by an objective “exit plan” determining our choices, dollar values, tax savings, and benefits. It took our team six years to really understand our best exit plan.

In 2000, my last team decided on exiting with a “management buyout” and began the process of determining our company’s 3rd succession team. In 2003 we signed the papers for the redemption plan and then focused our energies on taking the new team from management into ownership and leadership.

In 2007, I presented my previous company’s succession plan at a national industry conference in Phoenix. . Afterwards, I was approached by business owners who wanted to know “how we did it”, regarding the many details with taxes, legal documents, options, valuations, insurance, timing, etc. I then recognized the large demand for information of this type and began formulating my concept for Beacon Exit Planning. I consider this an important calling to support owners in this critical path from their business and into the next important stage of their life.

I have personally walked this exit path and fully understand its challenges. My goal is for Beacon to only focus on the business owner’s goals and objectives, to offer independent custom exit planning based on my experiences but tailored for his. I am a former owner who has considered numerous plans and strategies, identified the one best-suited for our needs, and put the plan in motion. I protected my wealth and gained the freedom the process achieved for me. I would be honored to guide you in this complex exit planning process.

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