What We Do

Beacon Exit Planning LLC is a business exit/succession planning consulting firm that specializes in helping the owners of closely-held middle market companies monetize their businesses and successfully transition into retirement.

We provide clients with:

  • Professional advice
  • Customized process to exit the business
  • Comprehensive written exit plans
  • “Continuous Succession”® programs
  • Leadership programs
  • Management consultancy
  • Personalized coaching

Our goal is providing you with independent objective exit strategy advice that meets your personal needs, that maximizes your business’s value and minimizes its taxes. In short, we put you in control of your exit strategy. We use succession and management programs to strengthen your management team and increase your company’s profits.

We develop exit plans and guide the owner(s) through the entire process. We will work with any advisers you chose or utilize our network of specialist who are well versed in mergers and acquisitions, private equity groups, ESOP strategies, as well tax attorneys, accounting and insurance professionals.

Exit Planning

Working directly with company’s owner(s), Beacon will help develop an exit strategy that defines the owners’ personal financial goals, identifies the best vehicle for transferring ownership, monetizing their business and protecting your wealth.

The owners understand how to run their business but have probably never exited one. It can be a complicated process and there is only one chance to get it right. Our role is to get you through this vulnerable process.

“While the majority of “family” business owners would like to see their business transferred to the next generation, it is estimated that 70% will not survive into the 2nd generation and 90% will not make it to the 3rd generation.” – Family Firm Institute

That means company founders have only a 3% chance of their grandchildren owning the family business. Our company was fortunate to successfully complete our 3rd succession, but we have had a continuous succession plan in place since 1986.

The benefits of an exit plan are to:

  • Maximize business value
  • Leave an “intentional” legacy
  • Minimize taxes
  • Control how and when you leave
  • Provide a written plan to follow and measure
  • Allow employee succession and harmony

Succession Planning

Succession planning focuses on the “human” capital with management and associates. Ideally, this is a continuous process of moving and developing the next generation of chosen performers from management, into ownership, and onto leadership. This requires time, training, evaluation, coaching and stretching your associates. You must prepare the business to operate successfully and profitably without the present owners.

Continuous Succession®

Succession is the transfer of management and leadership from one generation to the next generation in a company. It is a continuous ongoing process of identifying and developing associates to prepare them for advancement through training, mentoring, and stretching their responsibilities. This process of “continuous succession®,”education and development to understand the company’s systems and culture with a focus of growing management and creating leadership. A company’s true asset is their “human” capital and it takes time to develop associates into managers and the life experience needed to mature into leaders.

Management Consulting & Coaching

Exiting your business requires two things:
1. The business must have sustainable earnings.
2. The business must be able to perform without you.

To prepare your business for sale it makes sense to improve your bottom line performance that will increase the value of your business, improve your efficiencies, productivity, and profitability.

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